Leadership Academy

The NCRA’s overall mission has the cultivation of race amity as its key tool as well as its end goal in advancing access, equity, social justice and unity.

Race Amity Leadership Academy (RALA) and Race Amity Fellows Project

The Race Amity Leadership Academy (RALA) project was created to promote the concept of the power of cross-racial/cross-cultural friendship to advance access and equity in society. It centers on providing powerful shared experiences to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors on Saturdays during the school year. The program involves field trips, speakers, media experiences and service projects. Its initial focus is on inner cities through a partnership with the Greater Boston Boys and Girls Clubs. RALA participants who finish through their senior year receive a $500 books/materials scholarship should they go on to a postsecondary educational/training experience. The model is eventually expandable to all communities across the nation where there are Boys and Girls Clubs.

The driving element of the program are Race Amity Fellows, college students who are granted fellowships with stipends to mentor the high schools students in the Saturday program. The program has both learning and service components. Community colleges are the targeted partner institutions for granting the Race Amity Fellowships. This reaches out to a very deserving, mature community of learners, whose talents are frequently overlooked in the higher education schema. They are also often underserved compared to the financial assistance afforded to students at four-year colleges.

The initial program is partnering with Roxbury Community College to grant three Race Amity Fellowships. Initial funding for RALA has been generously provided by TJX Companies, and NCRA is seeking additional support to expand the number of participating community colleges and Race Amity Fellows, as well as the number of students served.

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