WHEN:   Saturday, May 7th, 1:00 – 3:00 PM ET 
This is a virtual event via Zoom.

You will LOVE our new focused RAD Workshops!
The State Proclamation workshop was dynamic with focused questions and clear shared experiences from presenters and participants. We look forward to a similarly dynamic and enthusiastic May workshop focused specifically on Celebration Planning.

Planning for Race Amity Day 2022
No matter where you are in the process, there is something for you!
Race Amity Day is the second Sunday in June (June 11th this year). Some folks have planned all year, some have just gotten started, and some are still trying to figure out how to best celebrate this special day. Come join us and learn what you can do for the best Race Amity Day in your locality!

Learn how to enhance your RAD planning
Come and learn how to coordinate your efforts with others. Hear the experiences of Race Amity Day planners in different areas, from simple to more elaborate. Find out what free resources are available to you.

State and Regional Experience will be Shared
Experience will be shared from organizers from different communities, and many states are represented in the registration. Opportunities for collaboration and connection will be informally available with those who have experience for you to connect with from all over the country.

Register Now and Save the Date

WHEN:   Saturday, May 7th, 1:00 – 3:00 PM ET 

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