George Halvorson

George Halvorson has served for more than 30 years as CEO of six different health care delivery and financing organizations in the U.S., and he has helped start and run similar organizations in several other countries. Health care organizations served by Halvorson included Kaiser Permanente, where he was Chairman and CEO from 2002 until early 2013, and the Health Partners Health Plan and hospital system where he served for 15 years before moving to Kaiser in 2002.

During more than three decades as a health care CEO, Halvorson has served on more than three-dozen boards, task forces, coalitions and commissions, and has chaired many of those efforts. Halvorson was Chair of the Health Governors at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and he either chaired or co-chaired several of their committees and task forces. He advised the European Union as well as several countries throughout Europe on health care issues. He also serves as Chair and CEO of the Institute for InterGroup Understanding.