National Center for Race Amity

Programs and Initiatives

National Race Amity Institute

The National Race Amity Institute, scheduled to open in 2024, is envisioned as a center of research, education, training, youth outreach and the arts, to be housed in the Be on Edgewood community center in Atlanta’s historic Sweet Auburn district.

National Race Amity Conferences

NCRA’s flagship initiative is the annual National Race Amity Conference, generally held in November each year. The conference brings together prominent authors, thought leaders, activists, students, and others who share practical experience and learning about harnessing interracial partnerships in pursuit of access, equity and social justice.

Race Amity Day

Race Amity Day, observed annually on the second Sunday in June, is an opportunity to celebrate interracial friendship and showcase the power of interracial partnerships to foster lasting and powerful social change.

Leadership Academy

The Race Amity Leadership Academy (RALA) aims to provide high-school sophomores, juniors and seniors with powerful interracial and inter-cultural experiences—including field trips, speakers, media experiences and service projects—on Saturdays during the school year.

Medal of Honor

The Race Amity Medal of Honor Program is an annual event through which NCRA recognizes and honors individuals who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to advancing access and equity in society through interracial partnerships.

Annual Boston Race Amity Arts and Music Festival

Held each year in July in Boston’s famed Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the Boston Race Amity Arts and Music Festival features a diverse musical lineup, community art projects, handmade local arts and crafts and free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from Festival sponsor Boston Scoops!