Race Amity Medal of Honor

The Race Amity Medal of Honor Program is an annual event through which NCRA recognizes and honors individuals who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to advancing access and equity in society through interracial partnerships.

The awards are generally presented at a banquet held on the eve of the National Race Amity Conference.


A Distinctive Honor

The word “honor” carries with it the synonyms of rectitude, integrity, righteousness and uprightness. The individuals awarded the National Center for Race Amity Medal of Honor demonstrate these qualities.

We hold a sense of deep pride in their accomplishments and dedication and aspire to emulate their efforts of engaging race amity to advance access and equity in society.

2023 Race Amity Medal of Honor recipients announced

The National Center for Race Amity has announced the four recipients of the 2023 Race Amity Medal of Honor:...

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2023 Race Amity Medal of Honor Recipients

John Calipari

University of Kentucky Basketball Coach

Robert C. Henderson

Fortune 500 management and diversity consultant

Debby Irving

Best-selling author and social activist

Steve Sarowitz

Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

2022 Race Amity Medal of Honor Recipients

Johnnetta Betsch Cole, PhD

CEO/President Emeritus of the National Council of Negro Women

Paul Chavez

President of the Cesar Chavez Foundation

Fred Ross, Jr.

Labor organizer and co-founder of Neighbor to Neighbor

2021 Race Amity Medal of Honor Recipients

Ireland National Men's Lacrosse Team

Sports Team

Iroquois Nationals Men's Lacrosse Team

Sports Team

Layli Miller-Muro, J.D.

Founder, Tahirih Justice Center

Cornel West, J.D.

Philosopher and Civil Rights Activist

2020 Race Amity  Medal of Honor Recipients

William E. Cohen, J.D.

Co-Founder, Race & Reconcilation in America and Former US Secretary of Defense

Janet Langhart Cohen

Journalist, Playwright and Activist, Co-Founder, Race & Reconciliation in America

Mitch Landreau

Founder, E Pluribus Unum Fund and Former Mayor of New Orleans

2019 Race Amity Medal of Honor Recipients

Honorable Michael Higgins

President of Ireland

Robert Rosenfeld

CEO and Founder of Idea Connection Systems and Mosaic Partnerships

Cherry Steinwender

Co-Founder, Institutes for the Healing of Racism

Timothy Wise

Anti-Racist Educator and Author

2018 Race Amity  Medal of Honor Recipients

Barbara Madeloni, Ph.D.

President, Massachusetts Teachers Association

Dorothy Nelson, J.D.

Judge, 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals

Yvonne Spicer, Ed.D.

Mayor, City of Framingham, MA.

Rev, Nancy Taylor, Ph.D.

Senior Minister, Old South Church, Boston

2017 Race Amity  Medal of Honor Recipients

Ashley Bryan

Artist and Educator

Raymond S. Elliott

Civil Rights Activist

Dawn Frazier-Bohnert

VP Diversity and Inclusion, Liberty Mutual Insurance Companies

Robert Liekind

Director, American Jewish Committee New England

Rev. David Purdy

Activist and Author

Pamela Chatterton Purdy


2016 Race Amity  Medal of Honor Recipients

Liz Cheng

Manager WGBH Televiosn and CEO World Channel

Ben Cohen

Co-Founder, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

William E. Davis III, J.D.

Founder, DPK Consulting, Administrator California Court Systems

Jean McGuire

Educator and Executive Director of METCO, Inc.

Charles Ogletree

Educator and Attorney

Robert Rivers

President, Eastern Bank

Nancy Stager

Exec. VP of Human Resources, Eastern Bank

2015 Race Amity  Medal of Honor Recipients

Sylvia Farrell Jones, J.D.

President/CEO YW Boston

Doug Mitchell

Founder, Next Generation Radio

Don Mullan

Author/Filmmaker and Founder Hope Initiatives International

Howard Ross

Author and Activist

Margaret Stern Strom

Founder, Facing History in Ourselves

William Grant Still

Composer and Conductor

Richard W. Thomas, Ph.D.

Hostorian, Author and definer of The Other Tradition

2014 Race Amity Medal of Honor Recipients

Dolores Huerta

Co-Founder, United Farm Workers

Jackie Jenkins-Scott, MSW

Educator, President, Wheelock College

Hubie Jones

Educator, Founder Boston Children’s Choir and City Year

Viola Liuzzo

Civil Rights Activist and Martyr

Patricia Locke, Ph.D.

Educator, Founder America Indian College System, McArthur Fellow

Beverly Morgan Welch

Director, Museum of African American History/African Meeting House

2013 Race Amity Medal of Honor Recipients

Dwight Allen, Ed.D.

Educator, Dean of the School of Education, U Mass Amherst

Ken Burns

Historian and Documentary Film Maker

Xernona Clayton

Founder, Trumpet Awards

Peggy McIntosh, Ph.D.

Educator and Anti-Racist Advocate

Thomas Menino

Mayor of City of Boston

Luis Gilberto Murrillo

Governor, Choco, Colombia

Deval Patrick

Governor, Massachusetts

Colette Phillips

Founder, Get Konnected

William F. Winter

Governor, Mississippi