Tool Kit

Browse our collection of resources to assist in building ties of friendship and collaborative action among people of all races and backgrounds.

Do you have ideas or resources to promote race amity that you would like to share with others? Submit your idea here, and it will be reviewed for possible inclusion in this tool kit.

Race Amity Documentary

This one hour documentary and companion five-part series is ideal for watch parties and classroom use.

Board Game

Breaking it Down is a race dialogue board gamed developed by the National Center for Race Amity.

Campus Conversations on Race

Participant and co-facilitator guides for in-depth conversations on race, designed for use by high-school or college students.

Reading List

A collection of books ideal for book clubs or individual study.


A collection of educational posters about Race Amity and The Other Tradition.


Video and photo gallery.

Logos and graphics

The Race Amity Day logo and other graphics for use on fliers and posters.

Study Guides, Sample Press Releases and Proclamations

Be The Change We Seek In Race Relations

The Change We Seek In Race Relations Study and Discussion Guide was prepared by the National Center for Race Amity as a free tool for lay engagement in race dialogues. The National Center for Race Amity ask those downloading and using the Guide to contact us and share any outcomes and comments about its use.

Race Amity Day Letter to Clergy

A template to be sent to members of the clergy or other spiritual minded groups in your locality (to be edited for your particulars).

Race Amity Day Proclamations

This pdf contains examples of town, city, and state proclamations.

Race Amity Day Press Release

Press Release Template that can be used for your local event.

Logo with transparent background.

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Logo with white background.

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Icons of Race Amity Posters

These stunning posters bring to life the stories of people who exemplified a powerful commitment to advancing social justice through interracial friendships. The posters feature original artwork commissioned by the National Center for Race Amity by renowned artist Pamela Chatterton Purdy and biographical sketches by her husband Rev. David Purdy.

Click on the images to download the high-res, print-ready PDF. Designed to be printed on 36″x24″ foam board.

NOTE: These beautiful images are  also available as a coffee table book.

Frederick Douglass and Daniel O'Connell

The Underground Railroad: William Still, Harriet Tubman, Thomas Garrett

Building Schools: Julius Rosenwald and Booker T. Washington

First Race Amity Convention: Coralie Cook, Agnes Parsons, Louis Gregory

Most Unlikely Friends: Mary McLeod Bethune and Eleanor Roosevelt

The Highlander Folk School: Septima Clark and Myles Horton

My Sister's Keeper: Viola Liuzzo and Sarah Evans

United Farm Workers: Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez, Fred Ross, Sr.

The Preacher and the Rabbi: Martin Luther King and Abraham Joshua Heschel

Additional Posters

Download the images below to create posters for your events.  The three printable sizes:
8.5” x 11”, 11” x 17”, 16” x x 20”, 24”x 18” and 28” x 22”.

Partners in Social Justice for All

Mary McLeod Bethune & Eleanor Roosevelt

Two Prophets, One Soul

Reverend Martin Luther King & Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Conductors on the Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman & Thomas Garrett

Freedom and Justice for all

Frederick Douglass and Daniel O’Connell

The Fight in the Fields

Fred Ross & Cesar Chavez

Ideas for Race Amity Day Observances


Race Amity Pot luck

Have a Race Amity Pot luck at the Town Green, Town Hall, Local Church, Synagogue, Mosque, etc.


Hang a Race Amity Day Banner

Get Permission and Hang a Race Amity Day Banner in the Town Green or at Town Hall (Nice size banner would cost about $90)


Observation on Steps of Town Hall

Have a small Race Amity Observation on Steps of Town Hall where the Proclamation and the Prayer for America is read.


Ad in the local paper

Take a display ad in the local paper that shows the Proclamation.


Race Amity Day 2K Run /Walk

Have a Race Amity Day 2K Run /Walk followed by an observance ceremony.


Screening of Race Amity Film

Have film Screening of Race Amity: America’s Other Tradition at the Public Library or school, church, synagogue, or mosque and hold a panel discussion as part of the program. 


Read the Race Amity Day Proclamation

Contact local Interfaith groups and ask them to have their members read the Race Amity Day Proclamation and Prayer for America at their service on Race Amity Day weekend.


Cross Racial Cross Cultural Bingo

Hold a Race Amity Day Cross Racial Cross Cultural Bingo event with small prizes and invite the public.


Notify your town about Race Amity Day

Arrange a meeting with the Town Clerk and ask their assistance in notifying the town that the Second Sunday in June is Race Amity Day and send the notice to all Town Departments and include the PDF of the Proclamation with the notice.


Host a special Race Amity Day brunch

Invite local dignitaries to participate and provide a keynote speaker on a Race Amity topic.


Donate books to a public library

Have your book club make a special donation to the local library in honor of Race Amity Day and include books on Race Amity that you have read the previous months.