Race Amity Day

Race Amity Day, observed annually on the second Sunday in June, is an opportunity to celebrate interracial friendship and showcase the power of interracial partnerships to foster lasting and powerful social change.

Local Celebrations

A wide range of grassroots observances are held in dozens of localities around the country, including fairs, picnics, festivals, arts and music presentations, and leadership luncheons. Each year, more than 100 local observances are estimated to take place in nearly every state of the union

State and Local Proclamations

At the state level, four states have established Race Amity Day in perpetuity, while three other states have proclaimed Race Amity Day on at least one occasion. Nearly 60 cities and counties in 17 states have also issued Race Amity Day proclamations.

Photo: Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts signs a proclamation establishing Race Amity Day on the second Sunday in June in perpetuity.

A National Commemorative Day

NCRA continues its long-standing advocacy efforts to secure a joint Congressional resolution establishing Race Amity Day in perpetuity, building on the U.S. Senate’s 2016 resolution “designating June 12, 2016, as a national day of racial amity and reconciliation.”

Sign Petition to Establish Race Amity Day

A joint bipartisan resolution will be introduced in the U.S. Congress during the 119th session of Congress, which will begin in January 2025.  Signing on to this statement helps build momentum and awareness of this campaign. Once the resolution is introduced, we will...

Upcoming Events

News and Stories

2023 Race Amity Day Highlights

2023 Race Amity Day Highlights

Well over 100 Race Amity Day celebrations were held around the country in 2023. Some included city or county proclamations, some involved local government or community leaders from many backgrounds. Some people focused on leaders and held symposiums, some focused on...

Race Amity Day Expands at State and Local Levels in 2021

Race Amity Day Expands at State and Local Levels in 2021

On June 13, 2021,  groups all over the country celebrated Race Amity Day to spread the word about a movement they are passionate about. Activities were held in communities from California to Massachusetts and from Alabama to Wisconsin. Events were diverse, including...

Ideas for Race Amity Day Observances


Race Amity Pot luck

Have a Race Amity Pot luck at the Town Green, Town Hall, Local Church, Synagogue, Mosque, etc.


Hang a Race Amity Day Banner

Get Permission and Hang a Race Amity Day Banner in the Town Green or at Town Hall (Nice size banner would cost about $90)


Observation on Steps of Town Hall

Have a small Race Amity Observation on Steps of Town Hall where the Proclamation and the Prayer for America is read.


Ad in the local paper

Take a display ad in the local paper that shows the Proclamation.


Race Amity Day 2K Run /Walk

Have a Race Amity Day 2K Run /Walk followed by an observance ceremony.


Screening of Race Amity Film

Have film Screening of Race Amity: America’s Other Tradition at the Public Library or school, church, synagogue, or mosque and hold a panel discussion as part of the program. 


Read the Race Amity Day Proclamation

Contact local Interfaith groups and ask them to have their members read the Race Amity Day Proclamation and Prayer for America at their service on Race Amity Day weekend.


Cross Racial Cross Cultural Bingo

Hold a Race Amity Day Cross Racial Cross Cultural Bingo event with small prizes and invite the public.


Notify your town about Race Amity Day

Arrange a meeting with the Town Clerk and ask their assistance in notifying the town that the Second Sunday in June is Race Amity Day and send the notice to all Town Departments and include the PDF of the Proclamation with the notice.


Host a special Race Amity Day brunch

Invite local dignitaries to participate and provide a keynote speaker on a Race Amity topic.


Donate books to a public library

Have your book club make a special donation to the local library in honor of Race Amity Day and include books on Race Amity that you have read the previous months.