Race Amity and the Other Tradition: Icons and Reflections


This hardcover coffee table book brings to life the stories of people who exemplified a powerful commitment to interracial friendship and partnership. Especially because we are living at a time of such deep racial division, the stories of Race Amity in this collection inspire us to imagine ways that we can transcend those differences and build greater mutual understanding and respect. This publication is presented in an effort to inspire us to become the best in us, as we grapple, fail, and grow as a national community in finding and embracing a dominant moral center based on the scientific and spiritual truths that we are one human family.

The soul of this publication is manifested by the incredible talent of artist Pamela Chatterton-Purdy, who pioneered the concept of icons depicting historic social action in America. Her dynamic first renditions, Icons of The Civil Rights Movement, inspired NCRA to commission her to develop the series Icons of Race Amity. Gratitude is noted to her partner in both enterprises, Rev. David Purdy, Ph.D. who wrote the supportive background on each of the icons.

Chatterton-Puyrdy’s art is complemented by essays, poetry, photography and art that further illuminate the path toward racial amity and justice. Contributors include Howard Ross, Janet Langhart Cohen and William E. Cohen, Margaret (Peggy) McIntosh, Ph.D., and Louis G. Smith, J.D.

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