An American Story: Race Amity and the Other Tradition

An American Story: Race Amity and The Other Tradition is a one-hour documentary that explores iconic episodes in our nation’s history, some well-known and others less so, where people from vastly different backgrounds came together to achieve what they never could have accomplished separately. These historical examples of interracial and multiracial cooperation, harmony and amity are lessons we can draw on to foster racial amity in contemporary America. The film is a powerful tool to widen the circle of individuals who are resolved to take ongoing action to ensure the continuation of this dynamic, which is critical to moving our nation toward its founding promise: E Pluribus Unum—Out of Many, One.

The documentary was broadcast nationally on public television stations in 2019 and 2020.

As a follow up to the documentary, NCRA collaborated with WHS Media Productions LLC to produce a series of five half-hour programs, American Stories: Race Amity and The Other Tradition. Each  program delves into additional inspirational stories of the power of race amity in advancing race unity, access and equity.

The five-part series made its debut in Boston television market on MLK Day 2021 and is distributed nationally on public television stations.

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Trailer: An American Story: Race Amity and The Other Tradition documentary

Trailer: American Stories: 5-Part Series