NCRA seeks candidates to serve on national advisory committee

The National Center for Race Amity (NCRA) is seeking interested allies to serve on the NCRA National Advisory Committee. We are particularly interested in those in the 25-55 age range.

The focus of the Advisory Committee’s work will be to provide strategic advice and support to the following areas:

  • Advice to enhance Native American, Latino and Asian presence and participation in the Race Amity Movement
  • Advice to enhance secondary school student and educator presence and participation in the Race Amity Movement
  • Advice to enhance inclusion of mental and physical health-related aspects of the Race Amity Movement
  • Advice to expand the scope and reach of the National Race Amity Conference
  • Advice on programming at the National Race Amity Institute, scheduled to open in Atlanta in 2024.

Advisory Committee Role and Commitments
Members of the NCRA National Advisory Committee will be asked to serve on one or more sub-committees related to the strategic goals outlined above. They will be asked to attend virtual Advisory Committee meetings once every two months. They will also be asked to attend the annual National Race Amity Conference, this year to be held in Boston on Nov. 21-23, 2024. Conference registration fees will be waived, but committee members will be responsible for their own transportation and lodging.

To Apply
Those interested in this rewarding and impactful service role are asked to submit the Advisory Committee Interest Form by January 26, 2024. Those selected to serve will be notified on February 12, 2024.