NCRA Adopts UnityWorks

NCRA Adopts UnityWorks

UnityWorks has been collaborating with the National Center for Race Amity on educational programs and workshops for over a decade. We are now delighted to share the news that UnityWorks is being adopted by NCRA as one of its core programs.

UnityWorks is a national nonprofit educational organization that works primarily with teachers, school administrators and community leaders, offering professional development, educational resources and ongoing support―with the goal of building local capacity for positive multicultural change. UnityWorks is committed to a belief in the oneness of humanity, the value of diversity, and the need for unity. Its mission is to reduce prejudice and to promote cross-racial and cross-cultural understanding, equity and inclusion, with a focus on K-12 schools.

Coming under the NCRA umbrella will broaden UnityWork’s impact, provide a much stronger base of support, and allow its services to expand across the country. In short, UnityWorks has developed a successful educational model for addressing some of our nation’s most vital and challenging diversity issues, and we are excited that this model will continue to grow and thrive as a core program of NCRA. This will significantly add to the mission and services at the National Center for Race Amity and allow an expanded national reach of its services to educators.

UnityWorks will become a featured program of NCRA’s new National Race Amity Institute (NRAI) in Atlanta. This historic building in Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn district is currently being renovated, with the grand opening scheduled for October 2024. The timeline and details of the transfer will be worked out over the coming months, with the initial UnityWorks trainings (both in-person and online) to be available through the NRAI in early 2025.

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