Race Amity Day Participating Cities Approach 100

Race Amity Day Participating Cities Approach 100

2019 Race Amity Day celebrations saw a tremendous upsurge across the nation fueled by Zoom teleconferences for Race Amity Day planning. As of this newsletter report, the number of communities noting activities surpassed ninety and is expected to exceed one hundred from twenty-six states across the country.

Activity, in part, was increased by two state-level proclamations in Massachusetts and South Carolina, and several mayoral proclamations in cities across the nation.

Sudbury Massachusetts Chief of Police gives opening remarks at The Town Race Amity Celebration.


Celebrations took place in homes, back yards, parks, libraries and schools. Some were small and intimate, while others had hundreds of participants. The events included people from all facets of the community from families and neighborhoods to institutions and their representatives (such as state senators and police chiefs). There were concerts, gospel choirs, performers of all sorts, speakers, children’s activities, dinners, food trucks, book readings, dancing, film screenings, and much dialogue. Some groups hosted one or two activities or events and others hosted several over the entire weekend.

The collaborations were inspiring as well, often involving groups across many spectrums in the communities planning the celebrations.

Reports are still coming in of all these creative and resourceful celebrations across the nation and more will be shared in the July NCRA Newsletter.


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