Eighteen allied organizations gather for group photo after the passing of SC Bill #HR 4339 establishing June 9th as South Carolina Race Amity Day.

In a historic act signaling the universality of interest to move the nation towards its motto of E Pluribus Unum, the South Carolina House of Representatives passed a Resolution proclaiming Sunday, June 9th, Race Amity Day in the State of South Carolina. On April 25, the Resolution was read in the South Carolina State House Assembly by Representative Leola Robinson-Simpson (SC District 25). The House Speaker read the names of eighteen organizations from across the state who were in attendance as “Witnesses” to the action. South Carolina became the second state in the nation to pass a state action officially recognizing Race Amity Day. Massachusetts was the first state to do so, establishing the 2nd Sunday in June Annually as Massachusetts Race Amity Day.

Race Amity Day Resolution is displayed during a remarkable ovation given by Representatives at SC State House Ceremony.