Talking About Race — NOW ON DEMAND!

Talking About Race — NOW ON DEMAND!

Talking About Race: A Conversation with Penn Badgley and Masud Olufani

Among the challenges all Americans, young and old, are faced with in the 21st century, is how do we develop greater unity among the incredible and diverse people and beliefs in our land. How do we achieve the true strength of our nation’s creed, E Pluribus Unum, “Out of Many, One.”

The National Center for Race Amity invites secondary schools and colleges across America to join television star, Penn Badgley and artist and poet, Masud Olufani for a powerful special program, Talking About Race.

Moderated Howard Ross, bestselling author of Every Day Bias, this program is ideal for use in college and high-school settings to prompt conversations about interracial friendships and working together to overcome patterns of exclusion and oppression.

The program is in two parts, each about 34 minutes long.

Download Discussion Guide

This one-page discussion guide offers a set of questions that can be used to prompt student discussion after viewing the video.

Discussion Topics for Masud-Penn Conversation

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  1. Ann Moritz

    Viewed this last week. Wonderful initiative. Smitty, you are a star. But then, we all know that. I just forwarded the link to friends. That won’t be the last time. Thanks so very much for all that you do.

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